It can be a pain sometimes to take screenshots of Web Sites. First you perform a Print Screen and paste it into a photo editor. Then you crop it until you have it just right. The problem isn’t that this editing process doesn’t work well, the problem is that it takes too much time just to get a small little image.

A recent Firefox extension became very popular because it would create ONE image of an entire Web Site no matter how large the site is. It moves around the screen taking multiple screenshots and then assembles all of those screenshots into one image. Pretty neat, huh?

The Firefox extension that I want to focus on is a little bit different. It allows you to capture only the part of a Web Site that you want in the image. There are no instructions on using the extension so I put this together:

  1. Install the Snapper Firefox Extension. Note: I am using Firefox 2.0 Alpha 3 so I have to install this using Nightly Tester Tools as seen in the screenshot.
    Install Snapper
  2. After you install the extension you will need to restart Firefox. Now there are two ways you can activate the extension:
    • You can right-click on the Web Site.
      Snapper Right-Click
    • You can click on the Snapper icon in the Status Bar.
      Snapper Status Bar
  3. Using your mouse you need to select the area of the page you want to copy.
    Snapper Selection
  4. Once you let go of the mouse it will prompt you to save the selection as an image. It is only able to save the picture in PNG format.

I hope that helps some people understand how to use the extension. I felt like I should write up an article on it because it has been extremely useful to me ever since I started to use it. If you know any other Firefox extensions that you can’t live without then let me know because I am always interested in trying out new ones!