It’s that giving time of year when people feel driven to make a difference and help out those in need.  Two people have decided to start an experiment that’s all about blogging and using earned revenue from pledges and advertisements to donate to charity. The site, Socially Given was started by Steve Searer and Muhammed Saleem who both label themselves as social bookmarkers and writers. They’re hoping that the submitted content will be quality enough to attract enough attention that it will be promoted on sites such as Digg. This of course will result in additional revenue that will be put towards charity.

They’re looking for guest writers who are willing to contribute to the site, and one of our own readers, Curtiss Thompson, has already volunteered. One of my first thoughts was charity? Which charity? There are so many different organizations that you could potentially donate to, how do you pick which one? They mention that as the site is developed, they hope to involve the community in determining where they’d like the money donated to, which sounds like a great idea.  They also plan to post revenue statistics, and receipts from the different organizations that they donate to as proof on their contribution.

This sounds like a great way for people to contribute and help out those in need.  If you like to write, and/or you’d like to contribute to the site, head on over to and let them know to count you in! You can also visit Digg to promote their site.