Editing and playing with digital photographs is something a lot of us do for fun. There are all kinds of programs out there such as Photoshop that have become useful tools. Another useful tool is a program called FantaMorph which I’ve just spent some time tinkering around with. FantaMorph lets you create image morphs with two or more pictures and add animation to them. You can also create time warp movies. It uses a ‘key-dots’ method to create the perfect morph. Key dots are placed around important features. For example, if you are morphing a picture of yourself, you’d want to use the dots to outline features like the nose, mouth, and eyes. FantaMorph has also added a Face Extractor, Face Locator, and a Face Mixer into their Deluxe Edition. These tools take away some of the manual process and make it easier and a lot faster. These tools really work. It perfectly extracted the facial features from the picture I was using. Take a look at some of their samples to get a better idea of how this works. Some of the coolest morphs have included pictures of your everyday Joe morphed into a famous person. I saw two different examples, one using Bill Gates (pictured above) and the other using Britney Spears. After you’ve created a project, you can easily turn it into a quick movie to send to your friends and family. FantaMorph offers a fully functional trial which I tested out myself. The only restriction is that when you save a file, it places a ‘trial’ watermark over the picture. There are several tools available such as a cropping tool, along with special effects such as transitioning and light and sound that add a lot of customization to your project. If you have some vacation photos that you’re wanting to get creative with, try out FantaMorph. I toyed around with it for just a few minutes, but probably could have spent a lot longer with determination to get mine to turn out like the samples :) You can purchase the basic edition for $29.95, FantaMorph Pro for $49.95 or FantaMorph Deluxe for $99.95.