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Earlier this year we wrote up a review of Solipskier on the iPhone and iPad, and followed that up with some detailed sales stats the developers provided. If you haven’t grabbed the game yet now is the perfect time because it has joined up with five other independent game developers to put their games on sale for just $0.99 each, and that’s not all. They will also be donating 1/3rd of all the sales (after Apple’s cut) to Child’s Play Charity.

What games are included in this sale? Here’s the list along with a brief description for each:

  • CANABALT (iTunes Link – Universal iPad/iPhone Game) – Outrun the destruction of your city with just a tap of your finger! The genre-defining, one-button parkour phenomenon is on sale for the first time ever, and runs great on your iPad too.
  • SOLIPSKIER (iTunes Link – Universal iPad/iPhone Game) – Solipskier is a fast paced skiing game where you draw the slopes to pick up speed and do jumps. Paint your own cliffs, do tricks and slalom through gates to get huge scores!
  • SPIDER (iTunes Link – iPhone Game) – You are a spider. Search for clues as you adventure from room to room on the hunt for your next meal. Build webs of your own design: in the corners, under the furniture, and in the forgotten places too small for humans.
  • OSMOS (iTunes Link – iPhone Game) – This award-winning PC game has been fully redesigned for the iPhone, featuring fluid multitouch controls, lush, flowing visuals, and an atmospheric electronic soundtrack.
  • ELISS (iTunes Link – iPhone Game) – Your job is to keep up harmony in an odd universe made of blendable planets. Touch-control multiple planets at once, join them together into giant orbs or split them up into countless dwarf planets, and match their size with the squeesars.
  • DROP7 (iTunes Link – Universal iPad/iPhone App) – Tetris meets Sudoku in this original, addictive puzzle game. One of Time Magazine’s Top 10 iPhone Games, Esquire’s Best Downloadable Games Ever, and Edge Magazine’s #2 Best iPhone Game of All Time.

There is also a freebie page set up that includes some wallpapers they’ve designed for your iPad and iPhone. You’ve got until December 31st to get your hands on these discounted games, and if you’re on the edge about purchasing them you should keep in mind that both Canabalt and Solipskier had never been put on sale previously.

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