We don’t write about iPhone games on the site too often, but this one hits a bit closer to home than most others in the App Store. This one was put together by a very talented group of game developers I know, and they’ve come up with something that’s both fun and addicting. Welcome to the world of Solipskier.

What makes this game different than a lot of others? For starters this began as a Flash-based online game, and has now made its way onto both the iPhone and iPad in one universal app. The game can be played on their site for free, but for a game like this I highly recommend grabbing the iPhone/iPad version (available in iTunes for $2.99) if you really want to be fully immersed in all of the touch-screen goodness it brings to the table.

The objective and operation of the game couldn’t be simpler. In a line-rider fashion you draw the course that your music-listening skier will follow. Drawing a downward slope will cause him to pick up the speed that will be needed if you want to get some hang-time. Indicators on the screen will also give you a heads up as to when obstacles and/or gates are approaching. You want to try and get through as many consecutive gates as possible to pick up speed, and once you get going fast enough you can draw a jump to send the guy (and your score) soaring into the sky.

How about some screenshots to wet your appetite? The first one shows me going through a “tunnel” of gates, and rapidly picking up speed as indicated by the growing rainbow trail behind the skier:

solipskier tunnel gates.png

Here I am 668 meters in the air, and the indicator updates to let me know how far up I am so that I can prepare for my spectacular landing. There is also a small version of the skier displayed so that you can, well, see all the cool moves he’s doing while up in the air:

solipskier high jump.png

If your jump/landing was good enough the judges will chime in along the lower edge of the screen:

solipskier judges.png

One thing you might be wondering is how many levels there are. Just one. The placement of everything in the world is randomly generated so that you can get a lot of playing time out of the game, and you can continue trying to beat your high score. Trust me though, it can get tricky to handle yourself once you really start picking up speed… which is what needs to happen if you want to score big. I’ve managed to hit a score of 21 million on my iPhone and 23 million on my iPad, but I know others that have four or even five times that for their high score. In many ways Solipskier is as challenging as you want it to be.

Disclaimer: The developers of Solipskier are my friends, but you can rest easy knowing that I’m not getting any kind of kickback from this article. Heck, they didn’t even ask me to write about it.

Solipskier Homepage (where you can play the free Flash-based version)
Solipskier iTunes Link ($2.99 to purchase as a universal iPhone/iPad game)