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A few months ago we wrote about an awesome iPhone/iPad game called Solipskier that some of my friends put together. The developers realize how much some of you love stats, and have assembled two gorgeous infographics that breakdown the traffic and money they scooped up with the hit game.

The first infographic they posted was done in early October after they had a solid month’s worth of data from their players. Here you will see the result of them putting some “robots” inside the free Flash-based version of the game. In the first month they had 15 million plays, and only a mere 0.4% of the runs scored over 100 million points. They also go on to talk about the different ways people died in the game, areas that players need to work on the most, traffic sources (Stumbleupon tops the list), and more.

The second infographic they posted has all the juicy details. It covers the first two months that the game has been in the wild, and lays out how much money they’ve made thus far. The stats include money from both the Apple App Store as well as the Flash-based game. You’ll also be able to see a chart of how their App Store sales have progressed since the launch, and they point out what a big affect sites like Engadget had on their sales. Even more interesting, however, is their visual explanation of how the “bidding war” went on for the sponsorship of their Flash-based game.

solipskier stats.png

An Android version of the game will be coming out shortly, and I can’t wait for them to tally up the stats on that one as well. In the mean time I was talking with the game creators and asked how they came up with the Solipskier name. The “skier” part was rather obvious, but I wasn’t sure about where “solip” came from. They apparently grabbed “solip” from a shortened version the word solipsism. According to Wikipedia solipsism “is the philosophical idea that only one’s own mind is sure to exist.” So basically it’s like living in a dream world that your own mind is making up. According to Mikengreg this is how it applies to the skier:

The implication is that the skier and his world just exists within his own head, and therefore he can create the world however he sees fit. So the obvious use for his infinite power is to make a mountain and do sweet tricks.

Fair enough. If you haven’t played the game you can jump on over to their homepage to play it for free, or you can grab the universal app for the iPhone/iPad for $2.99 in the App Store:

Solipskier Homepage (where you can play the free Flash-based version)
Solipskier iTunes Link ($2.99 to purchase as a universal iPhone/iPad game)