Back in October we knew that Mozilla was going to spend a lot of work making Firefox 3 fit into the different platforms available. Alex Faaborg, a User Experience Specialist over at Mozilla, just wrote about some early renditions of what the cross-platform icons will look like. He said that on “OS X I want you to feel like you’ve upgraded to latest large predatory cat, on Ubuntu the latest Adjective Animal alliteration, and on Windows you’ve just installed Service Pack Awesome.”

In all there will be 120 different icons for each XP, Vista, OS X, and Linux. In his article he provides a large table of what they have already been completed, but there is still a lot of work that still needs to be done. Here’s a brief overview that I put together of some more popular icons people will be looking for:

Firefox 3 Icons

Alex also mentioned that they just decided to change the style of the XP icons from Luna to Royale, which isn’t reflected in the icons pictured above. The end result for XP should have a bit more of a glossy appearance:

Firefox XP Royale

If you’re concerned with the shape of the forward and back buttons, there is a good reason for the semi-radical design change. As Alex previously explained Mozilla wants to create a distinguishable appearance that, when looking over someone’s shoulder, you’ll be able to quickly recognize that they are using Firefox. That’s a smart idea if you ask me, because many other browsers have a very distinguishable appearance.

The next milestone for the icons isn’t scheduled until February 15th, which means we have over two-months before we see more of what’s to come.