You may have seen the article we posted showing what kind of artistic work can be done simply using Microsoft Paint. It’s amazing! I wouldn’t have ever thought such complex work was possible using Microsoft Paint only, but it is, and here are some of the best thanks to a list that TechEBlog has composed.


This is the original piece of work that we showed you back in December. The video shows the entire process from start to finish. You’ll appreciate the final drawing much more after watching exactly how it was done.

–Bugatti Veyron–

Apparently this was done using just a normal mouse. Another great drawing of a car, the Bugatti Veyron.

–Ultimate MS Paint–

This one was done using a Logitech laser mouse, and nothing else.It’s one awesome skyline painting, and of course, it was done using Microsoft Paint.

– Venice –

My favorite out of all of them, Venice! I wish a video that showed what happened from start to finish was available. It would be amazing to see how this painting got started.  The detail is amazing, and I wonder how many countless hours this took! Who knew you could produce such amazing work from Microsoft Paint?

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  1. OMG!!
    I just can’t believe my eyes !!

  2. Sometimes I wish I had that much artistic talent…but I don’t. :(

  3. those pictures suck so much. my dead grandmother could do better :twisted:

  4. OMG that sucks, i agree with the anonymous person. whoever drew these should keep their day job. :twisted: :evil:

  5. Superb, I always thought mspaint was rubbish! Wish I could find a good tutorial.

  6. I drew a realistic car in mspaint(Porsche Cayman) Check out:

  7. I think they were amazing I think that Anonymous and Ryans mom is just jelouse that they could never do that so if you have something to say about this I dont want to hear your complaints so, later. :BURN!!!

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