Firefox 3 One of the questions that I receive quite frequently is what new features are expected to be in Firefox 3. Well, I have never seen a set-in-stone list but one thing that I certainly expect to see is the Places that was removed from Firefox 2. That will replace the current bookmark system with one that is more powerful and customizable.

I did, however, go searching around the wiki with the intent of pulling up some meeting notes here and there that listed expectations for Firefox 3. I didn’t exactly find that but I came across the Product Requirements Document that appears to have been carried over from Firefox 2. In there it lists some of the features that they are hoping to implement in Firefox 3 but I’m not sure on the accuracy since some of the features still say Firefox 2 as the target release.

One thing that is listed there that really caught my attention was the “Floating icons/toolbars.” I currently find it to be quite troublesome to move icons around to condense my toolbars and I hope that “floating” also means you can put multiple toolbars together on the same row. Typically when I hear of a floating toolbar that would mean something that I could actually “pull out” of the browser window and have it move independently from the browser itself. I’m not sure if that is what they are really referring to but any tweaking to the movement of toolbars would be nice.

That’s all I could really find that refers to future features of Firefox (whew, what a tongue twister). I think a lot of the work in the new version will be under-the-hood optimization, unlike the recent Firefox 2 release where there was a noticeable difference after upgrading from Firefox 1.x.

Download Firefox 3 Alpha 1