It appears that Microsoft has started to send out emails to beta testers for Microsoft Office Live:

Hello and thank you for reserving your opportunity to participate in the Microsoft Office Live beta. Microsoft Office Live is scheduled to make its debut in early 2006.* When it does, you’ll receive FREE access to a variety of online services designed to help give your small business the professional Web site and capabilities you need to succeed in today’s marketplace. How can Microsoft Office Live benefit your business? Take a look:

> Get a FREE Web site with your own domain name, free hosting, online business applications, e-mail and more.

>Easily access your company e-mail, customer and project information from almost any Internet-connected computer.**

> Make better use of your time and resources with one central location for your important data and smart, easy-to-use tools that can help you manage your small business.

> Streamline information sharing among employees, vendors and customers through a password-protected, private Web site.

Again, thanks for reserving your chance to join the Microsoft Office Live beta.

As the launch date approaches, we’ll continue to keep in touch with important information.

Best Regards,
Your Microsoft Office Live Team

News Source: The Unauthorized Microsoft Weblog