extraordinaryIt’s not often that I see software that really changes my world.  It’s even rarer that I see software that I know will change the world my sons live in” said Robert Scoble after a recent trip to Microsoft.  He says that Microsoft is working on something that is life changing and it’s something that had an emotional impact on him. Scoble says there have only been a few times that he’s seen software that had an emotional impact on him like the Apple II in 1977, Microsoft’s Excel, and Photoshop. So what is it that Microsoft is working on that made him cry? He’s got everybody talking about it, and people will probably continue to talk about it until February 27th because he’s under an embargo until then.

I pulled out a few statements from his blog posting that reiterate the impact the software could have:

  • “While watching the demo I realized the way I look at the world was about to change.”
  • “Why torment you with a post like this? Because it’s my way of making sure that stuff that really is extraordinary gets paid attention to.”
  • “Heck, and if there were a constant stream of stuff like what I saw yesterday Yahoo wouldn’t be resisting going to Microsoft. They’d +want+ to go to Microsoft.”
  • “The thing these two guys did won’t have a business impact the way, say, Microsoft Office did. There isn’t a business model here. But does every damn thing need a business model?”
  • “Could they have done this at a Silicon Valley startup? I doubt it. Venture Capitalists won’t see enough business value in what they are doing.”

He also mentioned that if he were to tell people today what it was they were working on without showing a video of the software in action, people would tell him that it was lame. He says actually seeing it will cause you to have an emotional impact like it did for him.

Given all of these non-direct clues, you can’t help but wonder what it might be. Any guesses? Remember, there’s no business model which eliminated several of my early guesses.

Note: He says it’s not anything that Microsoft has done before which rules out the following: operating systems, productivity apps, data centers or databases, video game consoles, or anything else that’s been done in the past.