Something New at CyberNet News!Here at CyberNet News, we’ve been thinking that we need something different, something unique to add to our blog. Sure, it’s great to read and write about the latest technology news because after all, we love technology just as much as you! But, we wanted something a little more that we could add to the latest tech news!After some serious brainstorming, we’ve come up with ‘Daily CyberNotes’ Each day of the week we will write about a different topic(tech related of course!) that hopefully you can benefit from!

  • Monday: On Million Dollar Mondays, we will cover some of the most expensive technologies in life that a lot of us won’t get to experience hands on! We can dream (and drool), can’t we?
  • Tuesday: Time Saving Tuesdays! There are lots of tricks out there to save you time. We’ll share some of the best tricks we’ve got! If you’ve got a great trick you think we all could benefit from, send us a tip!
  • Wednesday: Web Browser Wednesday. If you read this blog, you’ve noticed there’s a lot of talk on how to make web browsers work for you. We’ll dig up and feature some of the best ways to help you make the best of your web experience!
  • Thursday: Tutorial Thursdays! We’ll come up with some of the ‘how-to’ guides that will make you an UBER Geek!
  • Friday: Free for all Friday. It’s Friday after-all! Submit cool topics you want to see using the send us a tip link!
  • Saturday: Weekend Warrior will be filled with some of the coolest technologies to make your travels high tech!
  • Sunday: Sunday will be your summary of the week! If you missed us on one of the days, you can catch up on Sunday!

If your company has or will be releasing products or services that might fit into our Daily CyberNotes, send us a message at so that we can feature you! We want your feedback! As we begin this new addition to CyberNet News, we’d like to hear what you think. So, take a minute and leave us your feedback! Check in on Monday for our first Million Dollar feature!