Songbird has released the “Almost 0.2″ version of their media player and it looks like it could be promising. You may think that the last thing we need is another media player but this one will be different.

One of the features that I noticed right away was the ability to browse a website and have it popup when it finds a music or movie file. It will then give you several options such as saving the file to your library or adding it to a playlist. Very nice!

It is also similar to Winamp in the respect that it supports extensions and skins (which they call feathers), but it is built off of Firefox so it is open source as well. It is kinda the best of both worlds and if this becomes as popular as Firefox I could only imagine the cool extensions we would start to see.

Their full-scale extension site is yet to launch but they have posted links to a few people who already have working extensions:

So the list of extensions is not very large right now but I am sure they will quickly gain followers. I will definitely be watching this project for future releases.