One of our favorite options for listening to music for free online with no strings attached is Songza. We did a review of it back in January and one of the things we liked most about it was its simple interface and the option they offer to create playlists. As you may recall, Songza really is just a nice-looking front-end for YouTube and a handful of other sites but it works, and thus far, they haven’t really run into legal issues. Just recently the founders of the service were interviewed by Download Squad and they talked about some of the improvements that they’ve made over the last several weeks.


First on the list of improvements is that users who have signed up for an account can now actually save playlists. Previously playlists could be created, but users were not able to save them. When you go to add songs to the playlist, just be sure it’s a good copy before you actually add it. Some of the songs fail to load or have other issues which is a problem that I ran into while creating my playlist.  To access the songs that you have saved, just click on “My Profile” (assuming you’re logged in to your account) and then your playlist will be shown on the right side of the page.

songza share songs Other changes you’ll notice are with the interface and the new opportunities to make sharing songs with friends even easier. When you click on a song and the menu pops-up, the share options include to link to the song, twitter it, embed it on your site, or email to a friend. The addition of being able to Twitter a song is great and gives you yet another reason to have a Twitter account. :)

Overall the changes they’ve made are welcome, although I did come across what seemed like a lot of songs that failed to load. I don’t remember have as many issues when we initially reviewed it back in January as I did today. This is just one of those issues that comes along with the service because of the way they get their songs. For a free service with no strings attached though, I’m still impressed.