Sony Playstation 3 Microsoft was able to release the Xbox 360 last year before the holiday rush hit, but the demand for the game console was much higher than what was supplied. The result was $400 systems being sold on eBay for thousands of dollars!

Now it looks like Sony isn’t going to be much different. The original plan was to ship 2 million units worldwide but they ran into production problems with the Blu-ray’s blue laser diode. The PS3 is still going to launch on November 17 here in the United States and on November 11 in Japan. However, they will only be shipping 400,000 consoles to the U.S. and 100,000 to Japan which means people are going to make a killing for these babies on eBay.

By the end of 2006 they are estimating that 2 million units will have shipped which is only half of what was originally expected. Europe is getting it even worse because they had their November 17 launch date pushed back to March 2007!

You better scrap those plans to buy a new car and start saving to get the PS3 when it launches. :D

Thanks for the tip Allen!

News Source: TG Daily