Playstation 3Kotaku is a popular gaming blog that is part of the same network as Gizmodo and Lifehacker, and today they have been on a rollercoaster ride with Sony. Seeing that they are so popular there is no doubt that Sony would want to be on their good side to help promote future product releases, but Kotaku did something that Sony wasn’t too fond of.

It all started earlier today when Kotaku announced a rumor of PlayStation Home that will take advantage of user’s addictions to social networks:

So we move from product based to service based, starting with packaged product augmented by downloadble content. We’ll enhance this with social networks, the MySpace experience, this will be a key part of the PlayStation3 going forward. What brings it to life is the voice chat, the text chat, the video, the social features we’re building in for the future.

Before posting the story, Kotaku had contacted Sony to see if they could squeeze out any additional info, but they failed to get anything. Sony said that Kotaku should not continue to publish the story because doing so would hurt their relationship, but Kotaku really wanted to get the news out. No big deal, right? Websites and blogs write about rumors all of the time so it is no wonder that this happened.

Sony stood behind what they said and kicked Kotaku out of their “elite ring”:

Specifically, they said we would be asked to return our debug PS3, uninvited from all meetings scheduled with Sony at GDC, including one on blogger relations and a one-on-one with Phil Harrison, and that they would no longer deal with us.

What kind of movie would this be without a fairy tale ending? Yeah, it has one. Just a little while ago Sony and Kotaku hugged and made up over a nice cup of tea while gazing out at the sunset. Okay, I made up the part about the tea and sunset, but the point is that they will still be all giggly when they talk to each other like the boys and girls and a 5th grade dance. And you thought there was no romance in technology. :)

Source: 901AM