Sony has responded to complaints that they’re lacking in the online support area by introducing Playstation Home. The virtual world which reminds me a lot of Second Life will allow users to have virtual avatars, virtual homes, and live together in different environments, both private and public.


According to Gizmodo who got a demo of it, there’s tons of customization. You can customize nearly everything about your surroundings from your face and clothes, to your body and home. You can invite friends, play games, and do all kinds of different things you might do in “real-life.” It’s a free download, but users would be able to purchase accessories.

All of the latest talk seems to be pretty positive, and generally everyone who got a hands on experience with it was impressed. It’s expected to be available around the Globe by the fall.

Until then, they’ve set up a site announcing their beta program, however you’re not able to sign up quite yet. We’ll keep you posted (it’s expected in April sometime), and let you know when you can sign-up for the beta!