We’ve received several emails in the last hour or so from our readers regarding Sony offering the “Fresh Start” bloatware-free option on one of their high-end laptops. The emails were not complaining about the $50 fee being charged to get a PC without the crapware, but instead they were all letting us know that Sony has changed their mind and will not be charging for it. Thanks to everyone who sent this in!

In the comments on the last article a lot of you said that you would not pay for such an option, and now you don’t have to worry. Personally I would have paid because even though you can uninstall the software there will always be a lot of things left behind. That’s just my opinion though, and one thing that I’ve come to accept is that the PC manufacturers are able to offer computers for less money because of the software bundles that ship with them. That’s why I wouldn’t mind paying a premium to have the software never installed on my system in the first place.

Expect to see the $50 price tag removed tomorrow, but you’ll still need to fork out the $100 to get Vista Business if you want the crapware-free computer. Not to mention that the computer itself will run you around $2,000.