You know that PS3 price cut for the 60GB model that we wrote about a few days ago? Well come to find out, it’s just a short-term price-cut to get rid of the supply that they have. Once they’re gone, they’re gone. Sony expects that all of the 60GB models recently priced at $499 will be gone by the end of July, and after that your only option will be the 80 GB model for $599 (the original 60 GB price).

Why Sony would announce a price cut for such a short amount of time really doesn’t make sense. I get that they’re trying to clear out the stock that they’ve got, but a price drop for less than a month hardly seems worth it. Unless they didn’t think they’d move them otherwise.

Playstation price drop

Are any of you going to help Sony clear out the 60GB stock and purchase a PS3? Remember, you can also get 5 Blu-ray Movies for free with your PS3 purchase or other Blu-ray Disc Player. Not a bad deal!