Back in August, popular gaming site Kotaku interviewed Sony game designer Masay Matsuura who mentioned that the engineers behind the Aibo (remember the robotic pet dog?) were now working on the PS3 and that they were talking about making a new Aibo. This was significant simply because the Aibo was discontinued by Sony back in March of 2006. Now the story gets  even more interesting with rumors that a new one is in the works and it will be completely controllable through a PSP or the Playstation 3. I’ll stress that this is just a rumor, but it wouldn’t surprise me in the least if Sony tried to revive the AIBO with the help of the Playstation 3 and visa versa.

Stuff magazine originally wrote about this rumor and gave it a 53% probability rating. Below is an image from the magazine that speculates how in security mode, the AIBOS PS would awaken if it heard a sound or sensed motion. At that point it would ping an email via Wi-Fi and then the owner could access it via their PSP. Using the device, they would be able to see what the dog was seeing.

Aibo PS


While it sounds cool, I’m just wondering if there’d really be a market for this.  The Playstation 3 has had a hard enough time getting off the ground, so it makes me wonder if people who own the PS3 would be willing and interested to purchase an Aibo.  Sony would have to drop the price if they wanted it to sell because few would be willing to pay $1500 for one as they cost the last time around.