Playstation3The next time you go into a Gamestop store, you may get a little extra pressure to purchase a PlayStation 3.  Gamer’s Reports is reporting that their source at Gamestop says that Sony is running a contest for Gamestop managers. In other words, they’re bribing managers to step-up their game and sell more PS3’s.

Essentially, each store will have a target amount of PS3’s that they are supposed to sell based upon previous averages.  The manager within a district whose store sells the most above what their target was will win 20,000 points that will be redeemable for Sony/Gamestop items. Additionally, the manager who is number one for the whole company will get 10,000 more points.

The rewards site requires a username and password, so it’s not clear what 20,000 or 30,000 points will buy. I imagine it’s gotta be something good if it’s supposed to motivate managers to sell record amounts of PS3’s.

Okay, perhaps it’s not bribery. This kinda thing has been done in the industry before, but it does seem like a pretty desperate way to get more sales, if you ask me.

Price Cut?

In other PS3 news, Sony may be cutting the price  on the game console sometime this year. Sony’s president Ryoji Chubachi says that Sony “does not rule out the possibility of lowering the price.” It is rumored that the price would drop $100 before the Christmas season.

So is it the price that’s keeping people from purchasing the Playstation 3? If so, what’s a fair price?