Smart Bookmarks Bar

Anyone that has a lot of bookmarks on the Bookmark Toolbar in Firefox is sure to be looking for a way to save some space. What if you could remove all of the text from the bookmarks and only see the icons? That would definitely save some room, but that might not make it easy to distinguish between multiple bookmarks that have the same icon.

That’s where Smart Bookmarks Bar comes into play (pictured above). After installing that extension it will collapse all of your bookmarks down to just their icon, but if you hover over any of them it will expand to show the name you designated for that bookmark. This makes it a lot easier to find bookmarks that might have the same icon while saving you a lot of space.

Personally I don’t use the Bookmarks Toolbar because I rather have them shown in the sidebar where I can see more of them simultaneously. If I didn’t have a widescreen monitor, however, I definitely wouldn’t want to sacrifice the space that a sidebar takes up so I’m sure I would just use the toolbar.

If you’re looking for a way that you can retrieve your bookmarks from any location you should try out Foxmarks. After several recommendations I decided to give it a go and see how much I liked it over my existing Gmarks Firefox extension. Using Foxmarks you are able to synchronize your Firefox bookmarks with a remote service (registration is required) and you can then access them from anywhere with the remote website that they have setup. I considered giving the extension a try, but I don’t like that I have to check a box each time that I want my bookmark to be private. If there was a default option for that it might be a little better. I’d definitely be interested in hearing what everyone is using for your bookmark manager in Firefox.