SpaceNavigator Mouse The SpaceNavigator mouse is truly the first of its kind. What makes it so special? It isn’t your typical 5-button mouse that has a scroll-wheel for easy navigation your Word documents. Instead it is designed to navigate 3D programs with ease by offering a unique design that controls the X, Y, and Z-axis.

It was created by a Logitech company called 3Dconnexion and from the sounds of it the primary focus of the mouse was to make navigating Google Earth and SketchUp effortless. Here are the features that the SpaceNavigator has to offer:

Why Choose SpaceNavigator

  • Powerful Navigation at entry-level price
  • Fly through Google Earth and 100+ 3D programs
  • Manipulate models in Google SketchUp
  • Powerful navigation for 3D visualization programs
  • Ideal for 3D designers, students, artists and enthusiasts

Suggested Retail Price

  • SpaceNavigator SE $99
    (commercial use license & full support)
  • SpaceNavigator PE $59
    (non-commercial use license & online support only)

Everyone says that $59 for this mouse is really cheap but I have a hard time stomaching that seeing that I use Google Earth every few weeks. If it somehow worked as a normal mouse as well it might be cool but getting a mouse that is 3D-application specific wouldn’t fit my needs. Of course the $59 price tag is really just for the casual users because anyone that does use Google Earth all of the time is probably doing it for a career…and will have to fork out $99!

How smooth is the navigation in Google Earth when using this mouse? Checkout this video from the SpaceNavigator review on Ogle Earth:

Looks pretty nice, huh? Do you think it is worth the money though?