Blog spam tends to be a never ending, frustrating battle!  It’s like an infectious virus that just seems to spread out of control, and get worse over time. Using blogs to spread spam is a fairly “new” concept as far as spamming goes, mainly because blogging is a recent phenomenon. These spammers will do just about anything imaginable to try and get past filters to get their message across. Most of the time, Spammers use the commenting system a blog has in place to spread the spam.

Even the best filtering systems still miss every now and then. If it weren’t for programs like Akismet, or Spam Karma, blogs would be filled with thousands of spam messages. I always wonder if spammers really think that people will click on the clearly off-topic, many times X-rated links that have nothing to do with the post which it’s placed on, to even make their obnoxious efforts worth it.

eBiquity Group has released some stats on spam on the blogosphere, and really it comes as no surprise. It just verifies what most have known all along, spam within blogs is definitely alive and kicking furiously.

  • 53% of all pings are spam
  • 64% of all pings from blogs in English are spam
  • 56% of all pinging blogs are spam
  • MySpace is now the biggest contributor to the blogosphere

Also interesting is that out of all the pings that eBiquity processed, 51% of Blogspot blogs were spam. This obviously tells us that people are taking advantage of Blogspot and using it for purposes other than legitimate blogging. eBiquity also identified the top keywords that are associated with spam blogs. No surprise here– words like free, new, online, loan, insurance, big, and lawyer were some that appeared frequently.

All of this information was based upon 8.8 million pings on blogs between January 23rd and January 26th.  Obviously, a long term study would probably provide more accurate numbers. Regardless, this gives us a good idea as to how spam affects the Blogosphere, and it’s not looking good!

Source: Micro Persuasion