Last night I was waiting for an important email that I knew was coming.  I sat there refreshing my Yahoo Mail screen over and over, waiting for this email. Had I paid any attention to the dates of the mails that were at the top of my Inbox, I would have realized that my email had been sent, in fact it had been sent a few minutes prior, yet it was towards the very bottom of my Inbox. Why? Because now spammers are making sure that their junk lands at the top of your Inbox. My box was consumed with mail for the future! Here’s a screen shot of my Inbox with mail ranging in date from October 18, 2035 to January 1, 2038. That’s more than 30 years from now!

This reminds me of why I use my Gmail address as my primary email account.  The spam filter is awesome, and very rarely to I end up with any junk like this in my Gmail Inbox. I wonder what tactics the spammers will come up with next!