Vista Expose

About a week ago I discovered a program, called WinExposé, that clones the Mac Exposé feature very well. There have been several new releases of that software since I mentioned it which is really nice to see. In fact, it is one of the most updated pieces of software that I have ever seen. Many of the releases since that time have been for bug fixes and they are surely paying off, because it continues to get better and better.

Windows Vista has the built-in Flip-3D if your computer can handle all of the cool Desktop Window Manager (DWM) effects. The Flip-3D feature is very neat but I still don’t think it is as useful and productive as Mac’s Exposé is. There is an awesome program called My Exposé which someone created and works only in Windows Vista with DWM enabled. That’s because it uses the DWM API in order to do all of the cool transitioning and transparency effects.

Unfortunately my laptop doesn’t support DWM but my desktop does, and that is how I took the screenshot above. The program does seem to be a little graphics intensive because the animations are a little jittery, even though Flip-3D works flawlessly for me on my ATI x300 graphics card. I know it isn’t the best graphics card but it handles itself great with other Vista features.

The other thing that I don’t like at this point is that there is no tray icon or any confirmation that the program is actually running (except the classic Ctrl+Alt+Del, which is how you have to shutdown the program as well). To configure what buttons it uses to activate the Exposé feature you’ll have to edit a text file, and the default button is set to be F9. It can also be configured to activate itself when your mouse moves over a certain part of the screen and the default for that is the upper-left corner.

Overall I think it is a really great program but there is some work that needs to be done before it will feel usable to me. I’m not quite sure why the animation is so jumpy when the built-in Flip-3D works great. Hopefully the developer will continue to work on the program and fine tune it.