Google Wii

There is a new Google Reader available for Wii users that will make reading your news even easier. To access the Wii version just go to and you’ll see something similar to the screenshot above.

Google WiiSince this has to be optimized for low-resolution screens this version removes the sidebar that lets you select the subscriptions and also uses large fonts that are easy to read. To select from certain subscriptions you can press the “1 button” on your Wii remote which will show a transparent menu similar to the one pictured to the right.

Here are the rest of the shortcuts you’ll need to know when using this on your Wii:

  • up/down: scroll up/down
  • right/left: next/previous item
  • 1 button: show subscriptions (opens in transparent menu)
  • 2 button: show links (opens in transparent menu)

When showing the list of subscriptions you can use these shortcuts:

  • up/down: previous/next subscription
  • right: select current subscription
  • left: close
  • -/+: collapse/expand folder

I’m not sure if I would want to use this as my dedicated feed reader since I have hundreds of subscriptions, but it would be great for any casual reader just wanting to see if anything interesting has come up recently. It loads pretty fast and makes it easy to go from one feed item to another by using the right/left buttons on your Wiimote.

I played with it on my desktop browser (since I don’t have a Wii) and it seemed to work pretty good there, too. All of the shortcuts were still functional, but the text is so big that people would think I was blind. ;)

For those of you who do have a Wii you’ll have to let me know how well it works, and how easy it is to navigate through your feeds.

Visit to see the Wii-optimized version of the Google Reader.