Welcome to the WrapUp by CyberNet. This is a special edition that focuses solely on recent news and tips regarding Windows 7 that we never got around to writing about. There’s been so much good Windows 7 stuff that we thought it deserves it’s very own WrapUp article!

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–Windows 7 Coverage–

windows 7 backup network share.jpgWindows 7 to Allow PC Backups to Network Share
Windows Vista will let you backup your entire PC to another hard drive or to a set of DVD’s, but what about to a network drive? In Windows 7 you’ll be able to do just that.

windows 7 taskbar.jpgEnable the New Taskbar in Windows 7 Pre-Beta
Microsoft didn’t enable the new Taskbar in the Windows 7 builds that were handed out at PDC this year, but that didn’t stop someone from trying to figure out how to turn it on. With a little black magic you can get the new Taskbar up and running, but it won’t be sporting all of the cool features that were demoed at PDC.

windows 7 machine.jpgWindows 7 to be Released in 2009
Microsoft has been a little secretive about when exactly they are going to release Windows 7, but in a private presentation they said that they are gunning to have it shipped in time for the 2009 holiday season.

windows 7 boot time.jpgFaster Boot Time and Better Battery Life
There has been a lot of focus on increasing performance and battery life for Windows 7 machines. This video demonstration at WinHEC shows that Windows 7 boots significantly faster than Vista does.

windows 7 aero shake.jpgWindows 7 Aero Shake
It seems as though there are going to be several new ways to show the desktop in Windows 7, and one of them is called Aero Shake. By grabbing the titlebar of a window and “shaking” it all other windows on the screen will be hidden… thereby revealing the desktop. Shaking the window again will bring back the windows.

windows 7 snap.jpgSnapping Windows to the Screen Edges
In Windows 7 when you drag a window to the left or right edge of the screen it will “snap” to it, and resize itself so that it occupies half of the desktop space available. If you drag a window to the top it will become maximized.

windows 7 small taskbar icon.jpgSmall Icons are Available in the New Taskbar
Some of you may have noticed in the Windows 7 screenshots floating around that the icons in the new Taskbar are a bit oversized. It’s probably something that will take some getting used to, but if you prefer them to be more compact you’ll be happy to know that the icons can be shrunk down simply by checking a box.

windows 7 rotate backgrounds.jpgRotating Desktop Backgrounds
When choosing a background in Windows 7 you’ll actually be able to select multiple images to be used. You can then select the speed at which you want Windows to rotate through the images. To help keep things fresh you can even specify a photo feed that images can be grabbed from.

windows 7 sandbox.jpgPC Safeguard Prevents OS Changes
Microsoft has taken the technology from Windows SteadyState and incorporated it into Windows 7. It’s since been renamed to PC Safeguard, and what you can do with it is have all personal files and changes erased after a user has logged off.

windows 7 media center.jpgWindows 7 Media Center
If you saw a few screenshots of Media Center in Windows 7 you might not actually notice any differences. This article will, however, show you some things like the enhanced libraries and better navigation that have already been implemented. As a heavy Media Center user myself I can’t wait to get my hands on this!

windows 7 wei score.jpgMaximum Windows Experience Index Increased
In Vista the best score you can get in the Windows Experience Index (WEI) is a 5.9, but that appears to be changed in Windows 7. Some users are now reporting getting a score up to 7.9 for their graphics cards.

windows 7 notification balloons.jpgManage What Programs Display Notification Balloons
In Paul Thurrott’s rather extensive Windows 7 review he covered a feature that some people have waited forever to get: notification management. Now in the same place that you control what System Tray icons are hidden you can also pick which icons are able to display the pesky notification balloons.

windows 7 light sensors.jpgAmbient Light Sensors
Windows 7 will now be able to control any ambient light sensors that are installed in a PC, and applications will be able to directly tap into this feature. For example, a mapping program would be able to adjust the contrast of maps based upon whether the user is in a light or dark environment.

windows 7 calculator.jpgWindows Calculator Does More Than Simple Math
One of the applications that people probably use a lot in Windows, the calculator, has received a much desired overhaul. Not only does it look better, but it can also do things like conversions or date calculations. Smart move Microsoft!

windows 7 uac.jpgUser Account Control Slider
A new setting in the Control Panel for Windows 7 will let users drag a slider to determine how often they want to see pesky UAC prompts. By default, however, administrators will only see prompts that are caused by programs. That means changing a setting in the Control Panel, for example, won’t trigger a UAC prompt.