It seems like I am always finding myself being overloaded with a dozen or two different windows open at any given time, and it can become a bit tedious to manage them. This is where applications like GridMove or WinSplit Revolution have come in handy, and today we’ve got another great alternative called MaxTo.

With MaxTo you’ll be able to define regions on your monitor(s) that can serve as constraints when maximizing windows. Setting up your regions is pretty straightforward: just select a region and choose whether you want to split in half horizontally or vertically. From what I can tell you can split all of your monitors into as many sections as you’d like.

Here are some of the features for MaxTo:

  • Easily change regions
  • Easily disabled by holding Shift
  • Move windows using shortcut keys
  • Multi-monitor support
  • Light-weight (less than 200kB to download)

Programs like this take a little getting used to because you’ll have to analyze your workflow if you want to get things just right. With a little bit of effort you can see some amazing benefits though. Once I started using a program like this to help manage my windows (particularly for Windows Explorer) I found that I was way more productive than I was without it.

Get MaxTo for Windows 32-bit and 64-bit [via Lifehacker]