Spread Firefox 2 Asa Dotzler, Mozilla’s Quality Assurance leader, announced a preview of the Spread Firefox 2 site that will be the future home to all Firefox enthusiasts out there. The new site is still based on Drupal, which offers a powerful and secure platform for them to share and mange their content on.

If my memory serves me correctly the current Spread Firefox site hasn’t changed since it launched back in 2004. There’s no need to say that it is definitely starting to show its age, and the new site has numerous improvements that make it more pleasing on the eyes.

Mozilla decided to shift the focus a bit for the new Spread Firefox 2. Instead of making the site revolve around member blogs the new version puts more emphasis on the projects and contests that are currently going on. Naturally this makes more sense, and I’m glad they decided to make the adjustment.

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Preview Spread Firefox 2