Spread Firefox

I was just over at the FFExtensionGuru’s blog and noticed that Spread Firefox started a promotional contest for people who have written reviews of extensions. It is actually a really great idea, but only seems to be on a small scale right now.

All you have to do is write a review of a Firefox extension. All reviews published after February 1st, 2007 will count so I went ahead and submitted the three that we have posted. The contest will last for two months (which puts the deadline at early April) which means you’ll have plenty of time to write your review(s). I do, however, recommend getting it in early because the whole process is done by users voting, and the sooner you get your review done the better chance you have to get more votes.

UPDATE: I didn’t realize it but the 4 judges are actually the ones who pick the winners, so I guess the voting thing is kinda just for fun.

The prizes for first, second, and third place are as follows:

  1. A Firefox T-shirt.
  2. 24 USD of music downloads from magnatune.com.
  3. A 1-year registration of a .info domain name.

The rules are posted in the images at the beginning of this article, and to submit your review(s) you have to leave a comment on the Spread Firefox post. They will then go ahead and add your extension to the Squidoo page so that other users can read and vote on it (you have to be registered to vote) put your extension on this page for users to vote.

Firefox Logo LaptopOne thing that I was really hoping for as a prize was a round Firefox sticker to put on the outside of your laptop. It sounds so simple but I have looked all over the place for these, and have always failed to find anyone selling or giving them away. The one place that I did find was on the Spread Firefox site and they were giving 1,000 of these away! I, however, was too late…and the Mozilla Store doesn’t even sell them. :( Someday I will have one of these on the outside of my laptop. *walks away sulking*