EditGrid may sound like your typical online spreadsheet application like Google and Zoho offer, but it has a little twist. EditGrid allows users to edit documents in Real-time with other users. That means if you make a change on a spreadsheet it will immediately be reflected on the other person’s PC. That isn’t a feature that is truly unique to them, but there is one thing I haven’t seen anywhere else.

If you go into the Data menu you’ll see an option to “Manage Remote Data.” Selecting that brings you to a screen that looks like this:


You can see in the first screenshot that I took above that I have the Google stock price inserted into the spreadsheet. That value is updated and retrieved every minute from the Internet by configuring the Remote Data Manager with the stock quote information. You can do more than just stock quotes as well. In fact, you can retrieve any data from a website but you’ll have to know how to use regular expressions.

If you’re looking for a powerful spreadsheet application that doesn’t require you to install software then EditGrid is a very nice solution. I’m sure you’ll be fond of the intuitive interface and the 500+ functions that they have available to use. It’s amazing how many features that you can bring to the online world which are typically unique only to desktop applications.

Thanks for the tip Ed!