satellite Alert! Alert! Danger Alert! According to the New York Times, you may want to watch for a “small-bus” sized object falling from the sky in late February or early March.  Apparently there is a United States spy satellite which can no longer be controlled due to power loss which will be plummeting to Earth soon. In the past, satellites have come out of orbit and fallen without issue which means that there’s a good chance that there will be no issue this time.  There is one major concern with this particular satellite though, and that is that it contains hazardous materials. The hazardous material they are concerned about is hydrazine, otherwise known as rocket fuel.

A member of the National Security Archive has speculated that this particular satellite is a “photo reconnaissance satellite” which is used to gather up information about terror groups, suspected nuclear sites or militant training camps. A defense and intelligence expert John Pike says “such an uncontrolled re-entry could risk exposure of U.S. secrets.” In other words, if it lands in your front yard, chances are, you probably won’t get to keep it. The chances of it actually coming down in your yard  though are pretty slim.  There’s a better chance that it’ll burn up on re-entry, and any remaining pieces that didn’t burn will probably fall into the ocean or some other remote place on Earth.