We love to cover new and exciting application launchers because they can really improve the productivity of a user. When we came across the free sTabLauncher for Windows we really felt like this is something a lot of people would love.

In a lot of ways it is similar to RocketDock and ObjectDock, but there are some things that really distinguish it from the others. As you can see in the screenshot above sTabLaucher has a tabbed interface for your various applications. This is something that RocketDock can’t do, and ObjectDock can only do with the $20 Plus version.

In sTabLauncher there is a very extensive tab configuration tool that is applied on a per-tab basis. for each tab you can choose the color, font style/size, tab shape/skin, and much more:

stablauncher options
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The tab bar can only be docked along the top or bottom of the screen, but it can be positioned anywhere you want along those edges. The nice thing is that when the tab bar is collapsed along the edge you can make it extremely transparent so that the space isn’t really lost. The amount of transparency can be configured in the options.

Here are some other great features offered by sTabLauncher:

  • Configurable Separators – Change image and add text to separators
  • MiniBrowser – Add a folder, and select the option Browse Folder, then click on it
  • Draggable Tabs – Try adjusting the tab’s position by dragging them
  • Open With – Drag and drop files over an application to have them open in with it.

sTabLauncher Homepage
Note: There is a no-install version available.