Stardock Deskscapes Stardock is a company that is well recognized for their wide array of software applications that let users customize the appearance and functionality of Windows. Earlier this year Stardock announced the launch of a free product, called Deskscapes, who’s goal was to make Windows Dreamscene even more extensible. You remember Dreamscene, right? It’s the Vista Ultimate Extra Microsoft shipped which lets you designate videos to be your desktop’s background.

If you had Dreamscene installed you were able to use Stardock’s Deskscapes as well, which could be used to add some really nifty dynamic backgrounds. In order to use any of those you had to be a Vista Ultimate user, and it’s really one of the only Ultimate Extras that people really looked forward to.

In February 2008, however, that will all be changing because of Stardock. At that time they will be releasing Deskscapes 2.0 which will run on Vista Home Premium, Business, and Ultimate editions. What’s that mean for Microsoft? It essentially renders Dreamscene useless, and it takes away from the value of Vista Ultimate. Hopefully Microsoft has an ace up their sleeve when it comes to the Ultimate Extras, because they’ve shipped all of the Ultimate Extras that have been announced. Whatever they have in store for us better be good.

Kudos to Stardock on the big announcement, and I can’t wait to give Deskscapes 2.0 a whirl!