Stardock Releases Object Desktop 2007

Stardock just released a Object Desktop 2007 today. Just like previous releases the software has numerous components that are included such as DesktopX, WindowBlinds, IconPackager, WindowFX, RightClick, and Keyboard LaunchPad. If you want to know everything that it comes with then checkout out this page which lists all the different components and explains what each of them does. Once you start using Object Desktop you will look at Windows in a completely new way, literally. You can see the software in action by viewing the screenshots or by watching the movie. This package also includes WindowBlinds which is their flagship product. With it you can customize the look and feel of Windows, heck, you can even make it look like Vista. After you install Object Desktop, or WindowBlinds, just head on over and download this Vista theme. It is by far the best Vista theme I have found for WindowBlinds. If you watch the movie you will find that some of the features it adds is strikingly similar to the XGL for Linux. The whole concept of Object Desktop isn’t just eye candy like you probably think. An example is the RightClick which lets you add program short-cuts, folders, disk space monitors, RSS readers, and more to your right-click menu on your desktop. If you are worried about Vista compatibility then you will be happy to hear that Stardock is offering one year of free upgrades for Object Desktop customers. By that time you should be able to get a nice polished version that works seamlessly with Vista and makes use of Vista’s capabilities. This will run you $49.99 but could be well worth it for anyone who likes to customize every pixel of the screen.