Stardock is all about offering a ton of applications for customizing the appearance of your computer, and the logon screen is no exception. They offer their LogonStudio application at no cost, and with it you’ll be able to alter the background that you see when logging into your Vista or XP machine.

Vista LogonStudio
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By default there are only four backgrounds that ship with LogonStudio, but if you head over to WinCustomize there are many more available. The thing I really found to be cool was that you can click the Load button in LogonStudio, and actually setup your own background image to apply. In just a few clicks you can have a completely revamped login screen that is sure to catch the attention of your friends, such as this one:

Vista LogonStudio

One thing I wish the program did do was offer an option to rotate through backgrounds. Maybe randomly select images from your pictures photo to display at each login? That would pretty awesome!

If you find any sweet backgrounds to use with LogonStudio let me know, because I’m looking to spiffify my computer. :)

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