firefox capster

I was beginning to think that there was no real purpose to the Caps Lock key other than to annoy you when it’s accidentally turned on. Then Ghacks comes through and digs up an application called Capster (Windows only) that can really save you oodles of time with a concept that is so incredibly simple.

What you have to do is download the application and put it in a cozy spot on your computer. There’s no installation so the next thing you’ll need to do is fire it up. You should then see a window similar to the one pictured above where you can browse for the application that you want to start with Windows. In this example I chose Firefox, and I set it to only start if the Caps Lock key is on.

Then you’ll click the Create Shortcut button to have it place a shortcut on your computer. What you need to do now is put that shortcut in the Startup folder located in the Start Menu, and after that Capster will take care of the rest. The next time you start your computer it will try to run each application, but it will first check to see if the Caps Lock is on or off and proceed accordingly.

One of the reasons that I really love this application is that it is designed to have a minimal performance impact on your computer. Capster doesn’t have to stay running in the background thanks to the clever shortcut creator, and that’s something I really applaud the developer for. I highly recommend checking out this app if you’ve been yearning for a quick on/off switch for your startup applications.

Capster Homepage