Outlook safe mode

Often times people complain about the performance of a Microsoft Office application and often place the blame on an add-on or something else that may not have settled right with Office. Just like with Windows you can start all of the Office products (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, and others) in Safe Mode to help with troubleshooting any issues you might be having.

To enter Safe Mode in Office you can use the /safe switch if you’re running the program from the command line, but the easier method is to just hold the CTRL key while the app starts up. You should then see a prompt similar to the one above.

What does Safe Mode accomplish in Microsoft Office? Here are the things that Microsoft outlines:

  • No templates can be saved.
  • In Microsoft FrontPage, the last used Web site is not opened.
  • The Office Assistant is not automatically displayed.
  • Toolbar or command bar customizations are not loaded and customizations cannot be saved.
  • The AutoCorrect list is not loaded and changes are not saved.
  • Recovered documents are not automatically opened.
  • Smart tags are not loaded and new tags cannot be saved.
  • All command line options are ignored except “/a” and “/n”.
  • Files cannot be saved to the Alternate Startup Directory.
  • Preferences cannot be saved.
  • Additional features and programs will not automatically load.
  • Documents with restricted permission cannot be created or opened.

Hopefully this tip will help you when troubleshooting an issue.