Startup monitorIf you are anything like me you likely hate when something makes itself start with Windows without first notifying you. If something is going to slowdown my startup time I want to know about it, and StartupEye makes it easy for you to monitor any changes to the startup locations in the Windows Registry.

This app silently runs in the background, but if something tries to inject itself into your startup routine you’ll see a popup similar to the one at the right. You’ll be given all the information about the app that has added itself, and the really nice thing is that you can immediately delete it from right there.

Since this app always has to run in the background for it to be affective you’ll be happy to hear the it is very light on resources. It only uses about 2.5MB of memory, and most of the time uses no CPU. So you don’t have to compromise on resources to keep your startup routines in check.

StartupEye Homepage (Windows only; Freeware)
Note: We recommend downloading this from Softpedia instead of, which the developer uses.