LooptWant to keep tabs on your friends when you’re out for a night on the town? How about allowing your friends to keep tabs on you, all without hassle? No problem! You can easily do this now with a service called Loopt on your Sprint mobile phone.

Loopt is a “social mapping” service that helps people stay in touch with friends via GPS. You’ll be able to see where your friends are, and they will be able to see where you are. The one thing that is most appealing about this service is that the process is automated – no wasted time updating your location. Every 15 minutes, your location updates. Not only will you be able to easily keep up with the location of your friends, you can also share photos with their location, share status messages, and get alerts when your friends are nearby.

The service, which could almost be considered on the verge of stalkerish, will be available on 25 different Sprint phones. Previously Loopt was available on Boost Mobile phones, but the deal with Sprint is the first agreement Loopt has made with a major U.S. carrier. This is one of those situations where you’d want to be extra cautious about who you’re going to allow to follow you. It’s social networking in a different form which could certainly have its uses, but unfortunately it won’t be included with your regular monthly fees. You’ll have to pay an additional $2.99 per month to stay in the Loop with your friends.

With Sprint joining in on the “social networking,” I’m sure other major carriers will join in as well so that it will be easier for everybody to answer the “where are you” question, (which is such a common reason to place a phone call) without ever needing to place a call or send a text message.

Source: VentureBeat