Stikkit Bookmarklet

I hadn’t heard of Stikkit until Chris mentioned it over in the forum. He said that he was a Google Notebook user but was frustrated that there was no tagging capability and upon searching around he came across Stikkit.

I can’t say that I am overly impressed with Google Notebook either but it serves the purpose for me. I decided to try out Stikkit because the screencast that Chris mentioned thoroughly impressed me. Adding tags, events, and even to-do lists was so intuitive that it seemed like this was sure to be a hit…and it nearly was for me.

I love the idea that I can tag articles and think it is a much better idea than just having “notebooks” like Google Notebook does, but the problem I ran into when creating some “stikkit’s” was that I couldn’t remember what I tagged something as. They don’t provide any kind of listing or auto-complete feature so you might find yourself labeling one thing as “meetings” and other thing as “meeting.”

There also isn’t an extension available for Firefox and Internet Explorer like there is for Google Notebook, however, their bookmarklet is nearly just as powerful. I have a screenshot of the bookmarklet in action above and it is pretty much an overlay of your Stikkit homepage. It automatically enters in the name of the site, the URL, any highlighted words on the page, and the keywords from the site (as specified by the Web developer using the Meta tags). The lack of an extension or plug-in is a little disappointing but the bookmarklet is powerful enough that makes up for it. Not only that but the bookmarklet is also cross-browser compatible which is a definite plus.

I have also used other services in the past, like Diigo, that have tagging capabilities but the Stikkit interface is very clean and reminds me of something Google would create. If the Stikkit team could make it easy for me to choose from a set of existing tabs then I might be very close to switching over. 

Here is another quick screencast the I found on YouTube:


Thanks again for the tip Chris!