At the moment, the storage counter on Gmail reads “Over 2945.675174 megabytes (and counting) of free storage so you’ll never need to delete another message.” According to the Gmail blog, that statement about never needing to delete another message isn’t true for everybody.  They say that “there are a few of you using Gmail so much that you’re running out of space.” To solve that problem, they made the announcement that the storage counter in Gmail will be picking up some speed so that everybody will have access to more free storage.

The graph below gives us a visual of what the increase in storage will look like. Within the next several weeks, you’ll notice a rather large increase.  By November 1st, everybody will have 4,560 MB (4.45 GB) of storage. Then by January 1st, 2008 and just a few months away, everybody will have over 6200 MB of storage. By January 1st 2009, the counter will have reached over 7,497 MB. The increase in storage will  certainly be dramatic over the next year.

Gmail Storage Counter

If you’re curious how we determined how much storage that Gmail will offer in the future, reference this article. By setting the system clock on your computer ahead, and then visiting Gmail, you’ll be able to see what the storage will be at. The numbers shown above on the chart are for the first of every month. So for example, on the first of March in 2008, everybody will have 6,677 MB of storage while by August 1st, 2008, everybody will have 6,985 MB.

This increase in storage is great for the few people who have already hit their storage limit, but I have to imagine that the Yahoo Mail folks are chuckling to themselves and thinking, “Whoopty Doo, so what if Google will offer 7.5GB of storage by January 2008, we already offer ‘to infinity and beyond’ unlimited email storage!