Several weeks ago it was rumored that Street View would be incorporated into the new release of Google Earth. Google has confirmed that in fact there will be a Street View feature available with Google Earth 4.3 which is set to launch this evening at around 8 PM.

The image that Webware posted gives us a good idea of what Street View in Google Earth will be like. Notice the little cameras which you can click on to get a glimpse at what the ground-level view is in a particular location? There’s also the option to click “Show full screen” and view larger versions of the images.

google earth street view

Other features we can expect include:

  • Improved navigation – (Webware says that this new navigation “makes the software more like a first-person video game.”)
  • Day/Night Lighting – this feature is actually pretty cool because you can watch time-lapse views of sunsets and sunrises either locally or viewing the entire Earth. Also, use this feature to see where in the world the sun is shining, and where it’s dark
  • Improved 3D buildings – Now there are more 3D buildings and they load and render faster
  • New languages – in all, there are 12 new languages
  • Imagery dates – see exactly when the image was captured (only available for some of the imagery)

Keep your eye out for the download links to become available later this evening. From the sounds of it, the Google Earth team has put quite a bit of work into this release.

Other news coming from Google is that Google Maps has received yet another feature that Google Earth Offers, the option to watch YouTube videos from within. Just search the directory for “YouTube Videos” and then add the layer. Once you’ve added the layer, little red dots will appear on your map which show you where videos have been geo-tagged. Clicking on a dot will allow you to watch the video.