Desktop Wallpaper Multiple monitor setups are becoming increasingly abundant these days, and I for one couldn’t imagine not having two monitors. I have a 24" Dell (1920×1200 resolution) and a 15" laptop screen (1680×1050 resolution) that I place side-by-side as seen here. The thing is that getting the wallpapers to effortlessly flow across from one monitor to another could be better in Windows, or maybe you would like to set a different background for each screen?

Give a warm welcome to a free app called DisplayFusion. It has a host of features not only for managing the backgrounds on multiple monitors, but also for moving windows from one screen to another using hotkeys:

  • Use a different wallpaper on each monitor (either a picture or solid color)
  • Stretch a wallpaper across all monitors (either a picture or color)
  • Integrated Flickr image search & download
  • Drag maximized windows by their title bars to other screens
  • Easily manage application windows with customizable hotkeys:
    • Move windows to the next monitor
    • Move windows to the next monitor and maximize them
    • Move windows to center of the screen
    • Move windows to center of the screen and size it to 75% of the work area
    • Tile windows along the top, bottom, left or right side
    • Maximize windows so that they span all monitors

For being less than a month old I would have to say that this free app already feels pretty mature. The download is pretty small (just 326KB), but it does require a quick setup.

Tip: is a good source for the wide wallpapers.

DisplayFusion (for Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista)
Source: How To Geek