We have written about several other system-wide mouse gesture applications, but I know there are quite a few of you who haven’t found one that can rival the functionality of StrokeIt. This is a classic mouse gesture application that has been around for almost 8-years, and in February 2005 it looked like development on it had come to a halt.

Well, it’s back! The StrokeIt homepage broke the news last week that version 0.9.6 can run on Windows 95 all the way through Windows 7. Plus a new portable mode has been added so that you can take the app with you where ever you go. All this, and it’s still free.

Visually nothing has really changed, but if you look close enough you’ll see that Google Chrome and Safari have been added to the list of apps it includes gestures for out-of-the-box:

strokeit 096-1.png

StrokeIt Homepage (free download for Windows)