We’ve never really said much about StumbleUpon, but it’s one of my favorite browser add-ons and helps me find new websites that I might like in different categories like computers or travel. At times it’s addicting because there are so many websites out there that I’d never know existed were it not for StumbleUpon. By clicking a thumbs up or thumbs down, I can rate sites that I visit, and StumbleUpon will use that information to find websites that match my preferences.


StumbleUpon can be downloaded for either Internet Explorer or Firefox, and besides using it to find new websites, you can actually use it to find videos, or even pictures and games. They also add in the social networking by allowing users able to create lists of friends to share sites and communicate with.They’re already up to Version 3.0 which is hard to believe. I just made the upgrade, and now it’s better than ever. From their changelog, here are the latest changes:

  • Avatars on the ‘Send to’ menu and on shared notes.
  • Drag and drop toolbar placement.
  • Configurable channel buttons.
  • Channel indicator on the stumble button.
  • New icon set.
  • Toggle button configuration via the options dialog.
  • Several search/tag configurations to cater to power users.
  • Compatibility with the IE Tab extension.
  • Fix for a bug where buttons are spaced too far apart on OSX.
  • Probably workaround for the issue where the toolbar cannot connect at the beginning of a browser session, causing a spurious ‘server is down’ message.
  • Fix for a bug where rating a page thumb-down when the page is new to StumbleUpon was displaying a generic error message. New behavior is to display an explanatory dialog.
  • Final phase of migration to hashed passwords for users who upgraded from versions older than 2.85.

StumbleUpon has already made the move to cater to Wii fans by creating an interface specifically designed for the Wii’s Opera browser. Now Wii fans can use the browser to search for their favorite videos to watch using StumbleVideo. According to Webware, they say that there’s a possibility that StumbleUpon would like to bring their services to other wireless—enabled TV Boxes like Apple TV?

You can view the Firefox Changelog here where you’ll also find the download.