If you’re a regular reader of CyberNet, you probably know of my love for StumbleUpon, the popular service which helps users discover and share web sites. I’ve been a fan ever since I installed the Firefox extension for the very first time a couple of years ago. From the time the service launched until July of 2006, it was available only to Firefox users.  Then they added support for Internet Explorer users, but everybody else (Opera, Safari, etc.) has been left out since. When I decided to try Opera for the first time, I was disappointed that the only option for using StumbleUpon was an unofficial button method that didn’t really work like I’d want it to. For those of you who use a browser that is not supported and would like to be using StumbleUpon, there’s now a perfect solution!

The solution is a virtual toolbar that adds StumbleUpon functionality to any browser. This is the URL that you’ll need: http://www.stumbleupon.com/demo/ Just enter it in any browser’s address bar like Opera, and a StumbleUpon toolbar will be added. Below is a screenshot of what the Virtual Toolbar looks like in Opera:

stumble virtual toolbar

Of course you don’t get full functionality using this method, but you do get to Stumble Upon sites which is the best part of StumbleUpon to begin with! Here are a few of the downsides:

  • Can’t submit a site
  • Cannot be tied to an account
  • No option to filter based upon category (probably biggest drawback)

While it’s not quite like having the actual toolbar installed, it is better than not having any type of StumbleUpon option at all. I love that I can Stumble upon as many sites as I want, and I can even share a site I come across with one click of a button in the toolbar.  If you use any browser besides Firefox and Internet Explorer, I recommend giving it a try!

Source: Download Squad

Thanks for the tip S!