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It took long enough, but at least it’s happened now. StumbleUpon has seen the light of day, and decided that it might be a smart move to create a version of their popular toolbar that works without installing anything. That’s right, no add-on or extension needed!

How does it work? Right now they have a web-based version of the toolbar that essentially embeds itself at the top of the sites you visit while stumbling. If you want to use this, however, they recommend becoming a registered member and joining the Beta group. By doing that you should be given access to the web-based toolbar immediately. Once you’ve done that try browsing to a category, and then click on the category title to start stumbling in that particular category. Alternatively you can give it a quick whirl just by stumbling this article using this link. You should immediately be able to see the toolbar whether or not you are logged in or registered.

This web-based toolbar still isn’t as nice as the full-fledged add-on since it doesn’t let you do things like quickly switch categories, but it will still make for a great time killer. Plus the fact that it works in Opera, Google Chrome, Safari, and just about any other browser should help make a lot of people happy.

Read more about the new features on the official StumbleUpon blog.