Stumble Upon

The ever popular StumbleUpon which helps you discover and share websites is now Internet Explorer Friendly. It has always been popular among Firefox users with the StumbleUpon extension made just for Firefox. They have created a toolbar that makes it just as easy for Internet Explorers to use. Users are able to “stumble” upon websites of interest to them, or view sites that have been recommended by friends.

According to the article TechCrunch wrote about it, StumbleUpon receives an average of 2.3 million pageviews daily. There have also been 2.3 million downloads of the Firefox extension with 6 million sites reviewed, and 14 languages supported! That’s pretty impressive. Essentially, the members of StumbleUpon collectively share some of the best sites on the web. Now that they have made a toolbar for IE users, I’m sure we can expect them to become even more popular because afterall, it really is a fun way to “channel surf.”